A Dose of Drama

Finally, I seriously thought everyone was going to be so nice at work I’d have nothing to write about! It’s hard to have a competitive service industry blog out there on the ‘osphere when there’s nothing interesting to write about….

But first, the features:

~Featured FreakShow~

My VZW (Verizon Wireless) network: went to bed last night because it crapped out simultaneously on two of the umpteen devices we have in the house….And then I woke up this morning, it’s still not there. My mom had one of those little portable hot spot devices (from Verizon) we could plug in and use (on the Verizon network)….She’s trying to install it, when now the cell phones in the house are whacking out on their displays. Then the hotspot (which isn’t the cheapest thing in the world) refused to co-operate.

Some poor guy in a call center was not destined to have a good day when any of this happened.

But, we got this resolved, which is good, because I was panicking about the….oh, I dunno, essay test, test, quiz, paper, paper, essay and grocery list I needed to get into like Jesus for this week of assignments. Apparently I worked all opening week (7 out of 9 days) because I had all my online classes arranged to give me a minute of slack so as long as I jumped right back into all my coursework, I’d be OK. It’s not OK: I could have scheduled all of this better. But I’ll be fine.

~Comings and Goings~

I forked over a third of what I made last week (which was obscene for 5 nights’ work) to Mom and Dad to get a weekend away on one of the barrier islands at a cozy little resort. With it being offseason I figured people might just be paying THEM to stay. And considering that this amount could get them a good bit of chow at one of our cookie cutter 4/5 diamond joints in town versus a weekend away, gas and food included, for their anniversary, they chose the “not just a meal” option.

Smart move.

OK, nice little bit of drama here:

I thought I was the lead on Sunday at work, but it turns out to be Momma Bear. Well, while she’s not there, and my boss it out, and Q (my KM) is busy in a stack of paperwork, I go ahead and grab the manager card off the bar and comp September’s food (and mine…and Momma Bear’s…and Face, the other server’s food) 30%. Problem is, I’m still trying to figure out this version of our POS system and I had to comp, delete the comp and re-comp to ensure the house didn’t get ganked and no one wound up eating for free: (it’s something about comps and separate checks on the same table that’s not intuitive).

So there’s a trail of comps (which are line items that can be deleted, voided and comped) back and forth but it all balances out in the end. I keep all receipts, sign my name, cash is collected, we’re good to go. I just turn them in when Peach comes in to check on everything after pool league (around 10pm, to close and do the money) with my money, report and receipts and we’re good to go!

Apparently Momma Bear was the lead and I got literally interrogated about the trail of comps, deletes and recomps (the trouble I go through to make sure that only September’s food is done, not her husband or kid’s, for instance). I was made to feel threatened or untrustworthy or like I had done something wrong. Yes, because ganking the house a free sandwich is my idea of rad badassery. Sandwiches are $6 after discount, I made $900+ that week (Wed-Sun closing). Why would I? I mean?….I’ve spent so much time being responsible for running host boards, pulling high volume windows, service well bartending, and key-holding lunch and dinner shifts that to me, it’s just part of the job, not power to be abused. After all, why would I document everything I did AND prove that the store wasn’t out any money because of my mistake? I get MB gets all business since she used to own a high rolling nightclub on my side of town but her attitude got very snippy. I chit-chatted out the misunderstanding with her (since I’m technically the lead at least 2 nights a week, so I’m the final accountability for the money, paperwork, bar and restaurant) and we worked together just fine. UNTIL…..

fastforward 3:30 am. We’re still sitting there, chainsmoking and cursing, because the drawers versus what goes to the restaurant versus credit card tips are ALL wrong. BAD wrong. $300 is missing wrong. Then it was $700 was missing wrong.

Turns out, an hour of work later, that we were using the house am/pm report (3 servers, 2 am drawers, 2 pm drawers) versus the pm reports for just our cash drawers. MB was blowing up our computer guys’ phone and I was checking everything I could server side to see if I could find a time stamp or SOMETHING to show that am report wasn’t done and someone ran the pm drawers all day long to explain what was wrong. The amount of money missing and the sales discrepancies made it look like the am bartender had just clocked in as pm bar and did their thing, then kept pm clocked in on the same server report. We come in, the drawer is OK, but we didn’t have the paperwork to back up our theory.

We were using the house report, not the individual drawer reports. What a relief.


Momma Bear came in a few days after opening and got absolutely tore up with her friends. I haven’t seen her drink more than a beer before or after, but apparently on her night off she lost track of shots and cocktails and wound up off her ass. And then she refused to give up her drink at 1:59, as her server sees our resident lieutenant pulling into the parking lot to verify we’re closing on time. She tells her server AND Q to “f*#$ off”…and basically had to talk her way out of getting fired. I think she’s too valuable to lose, and she messed up once, she’s typically angelic since before we opened, so whatever, life goes on, at worst she just can’t drink at work for 30 days, but it was a badbadbad thing to do in one’s new job, even if it’s populated with people she knew. And she and Q are not OK. It’s not outright, but something’s under the surface with those two.

So there, things seem to be getting more interesting as life goes on! Deuces!

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Finally transferring to that four year school in January, my goals made, my life set, the blinders dropped, my past signed and sealed, my future bright and airy, a writer, a thinker, a feeler, someone who is enthralled by beauty, an artist worth slightly more than two shits, a lover, a fighter, a person on the way to become the person I have always wanted to be....

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