First Comment Goes To…..

Penelope and RM. Thank you guys so much! I have been a member of the restaurant blogosphere for over 3 years stalking Bitchy, Cranky, FMT and RG, after spending 5 years in the evangelical philosophical poetical teen-angst overlaps of Xanga. After developing one blog idea I decided against pulling it through, and then over a year later decided to try again with the beauty of WordPress after I quit drinking and therefore gained the ability to stick with something planned for more than 3 minutes.

Seriously, seeing comments made me super freaking happy. The rest of the day could suck and I’d still be like “Well, I got an official compliment from Penelope and a joke from RM! HA!” It’s like being the new guy in school and then finding your two friends for the rest of your school career within 5 minutes!

OK, sorry, sorry, I get clingy when I’m excited. =)

*taking it down a notch* –deep breath–…

Thanks again!


PS, you can read my “roll call” about work as I’m linking to it here and hopefully can figure out how to link it to my sidebar-widgety-thing.


About Malachi the Drink Slinger

Finally transferring to that four year school in January, my goals made, my life set, the blinders dropped, my past signed and sealed, my future bright and airy, a writer, a thinker, a feeler, someone who is enthralled by beauty, an artist worth slightly more than two shits, a lover, a fighter, a person on the way to become the person I have always wanted to be....

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