Morning madness


“Ah, go-go-gadget extending arm!…oh wait, I don’t have one, well, I guess you’re gonna have to get the fuck out of my way!”

“Everything was fine until my metabolism decided to go all WHOO! LOOK What I CAN DO!!!”



About Malachi the Drink Slinger

Finally transferring to that four year school in January, my goals made, my life set, the blinders dropped, my past signed and sealed, my future bright and airy, a writer, a thinker, a feeler, someone who is enthralled by beauty, an artist worth slightly more than two shits, a lover, a fighter, a person on the way to become the person I have always wanted to be....

One comment

  1. I don’t have Go-Go Gadget arms either and it pisses me off when people sit in a 6 person booth and expect me to hand the drink to the person at the back of the booth. Somedays I feel like crawling up on the table just to make a point.

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