Told you to stay in your lane but you just jumped in traffic pt. II

So it continues….

After we kicked out the last of the people when we closed tonight after a slow, uninteresting night ($100 even….after last night I’m days behind in what I should be making and only with working at the Other Bar am I even breaking even as bill cycle comes around….) Peach and Bob gathered us three servers (myself, DD and Face) together and said we were doing a beer inventory.

Yes. The bartenders would do their money and our sidework, we would inventory the beer and clean the bar. Fair, honest and valid. We have a B on our inventory report and we’re down about 5 cases of certain domestics like Bud Light.


It’s also my suspicion that someone is charging for citrus vodka and making house vodka lemon drop shots but that’s just me…..

So we do it and the barbacks clean out the coolers….so….much….slime on the bottom layers of beer. I mean, I burn out ice wells on a regular basis just to keep things clean but this was ridiculous. It was gross. Broken glass and slime coating the bottles because the bottom of the cooler was like the bottom of a dumpster, just without the maggots.

And….moving on, we clean the bar (it looked amazing when we were done which I hope someone was noticing because it never looks that way when the weekend crew gets involved).

I’m kinda happy that I didn’t bartend last night because that means that I have one night on the inventory period (Friday a.m. to Thursday p.m.) while everyone else had several, so Peach just passed me over midsentence when talking about the beer shortage. Everyone left miserable.

So, in recap since I am exhausted:

(1) On our comp sheet no one noted of the five missing bottles of house vodka that several bottles had been given to the shot girl we have on the weekends…so what else isn’t getting accounted for on all sides, managers included?

(2) I pack my glasses full of ice, DD doesn’t, so there’s a lot more mixer in her drinks. So if someone complains about me what about her when she bartends?

(3) We apparently now switch to jiggers. Instead of faithfully following it (like I did months ago) everyone half-assed it, so, no real progress there. And how about people not ringing stuff in versus overpouring what they have?

(4) we are being treated like thieves. Eh eh….no. My sole mission in life is far from shortchanging a bar.

(5) Someone is going to quit soon….but who?

(6) Bob is starting to get ugly and Peach is starting to get distant. What’s going on?

(7) The bosses are just now realizing that maybe the inventory people are guestimating their numbers….hmm, JUST NOW!? WTF!? What else is getting guestimated?!

(8) Dean…more issues with him, and Eiffel just won’t shut up when someone is chewing her out, so then she’s arguing and getting everyone riled up. I told her to just shut up when Q was shrieking at her last night. She doesn’t listen to me.

(9) Dean, more issues still….when they work with him versus me or with Class-act, the tip averages for the night are far far lower. What’s going on?

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Finally transferring to that four year school in January, my goals made, my life set, the blinders dropped, my past signed and sealed, my future bright and airy, a writer, a thinker, a feeler, someone who is enthralled by beauty, an artist worth slightly more than two shits, a lover, a fighter, a person on the way to become the person I have always wanted to be....

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  1. When the owners start thinking someone is stealing, someone usually is. Cover your ass. Just a hard lesson I learned.

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