Service Bar

I used to love being on point when I bartended at first at the Fish Haus and then at the Pub. But being on point was overwhelming, I would literally drown, trying to juggle everything at once and dropping every single ball. And because Dawn always is on service bar (because she’s the shit, that’s why) I never get to do that.

I love service bar. If you wait tables, it’s where you get your drinks, if you bartend, it’s where that annoying printer is, and that noise that haunts your dreams, and you can be sure that printer doesn’t tip 20% of what it demands.

I love service bar.

At ‘drunk classes’ (aka ADSAP) today I remember being nervous about the night before our meeting tomorrow, stressing over something…I don’t think I slept well. I put out my cigarette and walked into the door at work, switched out with the bartender covering the first part of my shift, and got to work. The energy was amazing, we were busy as hell but never mobbed, and we both made bank.

I love service bar. It’s my own space, talking and chitchatting but always something to do with my hands, technical skill to make drinks, constant waves of multitasking challenging me, and always an audience who know where to find me.

I love service bar.

About Malachi the Drink Slinger

Finally transferring to that four year school in January, my goals made, my life set, the blinders dropped, my past signed and sealed, my future bright and airy, a writer, a thinker, a feeler, someone who is enthralled by beauty, an artist worth slightly more than two shits, a lover, a fighter, a person on the way to become the person I have always wanted to be....

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  1. It’s like being on stage.

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